Interiors and designs are a changing world of creations. The best part about home designing is the fact that it is constantly evolving. With new designs coming up each week, here’s an update on the best design trends for 2018.

Bold is the new thing

The idea that bold elements in interior and design ruin a good image is too clichéd. 2018 design trends are all about the bold element. Brighten up a dull or a stark and pristine room with a colourful table lamp. All white rooms can be accessorized with a bit of blue or turquoise. You could place a vase or a ceramic accent.
Wall accents and frames can also be used to up the bold factor of an interior. It’s all about a splash of colour in an otherwise normal room. The best part is, it does not have to be paint or upholstery. You can simply accessorize your room with anything out of place.

Light and beyond

It’s all about having interiors that are Instagram worthy. Allow a lot of light to enter into your home. Secondarily, make way for lighter interiors and furniture. If you are not a fan of white you can go for light grey, beige etc. for wall paints. With white, you can pretty much lighten up any room.
Focus more on warm light fixtures. For a more fairy tale like feel, opt for tonnes of fairy lights that will impart a soft glow in the evening. Chandeliers and pendants will accentuate elements of your furniture and make for a really pleasant and appealing home.

Dreamy Walls

2018 is all about making sure you have dreamy and drool worthy walls. Since walls make for most of the interiors, decorate them with as much or as little as you like. If you are a globetrotter, you can pick up wall hangings from around the world. Or you could source most of your quirky and attractive objects from a local handicraft shop.

Use mirrors and reflective surfaces on the walls or go for aesthetically created clocks. It’s all about looking for accessories that serve the dual process of design and utility. Choose abstract wall décor or for a bohemian appeal you could go for dream catchers.
String lights and string curtains can be put up against the wall to accessorize them too. The amazing part about design trends in 2018 is that you can do most of the designs by just replacing mundane things with quirky purchases.


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