Top Ways to Spice Up Your Space

Good interior design can really transform any space into a completely different dimension. Whether you want your home to look like a Victorian era house or give it a boho doze, you can do all that with the right interior decorating. Here are some of the best ways to transform your interiors:

  • Jazz up windows through custom window treatments that can make your windows look out of ordinary. Throw some hues and paint colors for the window frame to make it stand out from the rest of the wall.
  • Choose custom furniture ideas such as wall embedded fire place or a staircase shelving unit. When you pick out furniture, focus more on space saving ideas that will contribute for design as well as the aesthetic appeal of the house.
  • Use mirrors to create an illusion of wider spaces. However, while using mirrors across the house, you must be careful in positioning it in such a way that the focus of the mirror is not a plain sight. A beautiful chandelier perhaps?
  • Do you require too many seating options? Make room for a seating area near the window using benches / shelving units and create a comfortable sitting area using custom bedding that can also be coordinated with the rest of the house. Add some throw pillows to create a quiet and comfortable corner to just sit with a good book or a cup of coffee.
  • When it comes to space planning look for furniture that have storage options. Nonetheless, you can also place your furniture in such a way that you can insert additional storage options. A bed with a drawer for storage or a sitting area with a shoe shelf beneath are all examples of good space saving. Ideally, you also need to position your sofas, beds etc. according to the space you have.
  • Colour play does not stop with wall paints. Drapes and curtains can be contrasting colours or matching colours. If you are decorating your dining area, then consider buying an eclectic mix of shades as it gives a brighter appeal as well as saves money because matching tableware is expensive.
  • While natural lighting has a certain magic on interiors, use lights with adjustable brightness all over the house for your convenience as well as to compliment certain key areas of the house. Do not mix too many colours of lights in the same space.

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