Why Hire an Interior Designer

Are you giving consideration to building or remodeling your home, or just a room refresh? With the popularity of countless decorating idea websites, HGTV shows and Pinterest, you have countless ideas swirling around. Before work starts it is to your benefit (and your checkbook’s) to hire an interior designer to reign in your plans. We look at the top 5 reasons to bring a designer on.

Save Money

Hiring an interior designer may sound expensive, but the number one reason to do it is that you’ll save money in the long run. A trained designer will do a complete assessment of your project, look at what you may already own, make recommendations, prepare budgets, and pull the whole look together. Preventing costly mistakes is their priority. You may have the urge to order that beautiful chandelier, only to find out it was way too big for the space and now you can’t return it. A designer won’t let that happen.

Create a Cohesive Look

When walking through a home that has the touch of a designer, you can immediately tell. The rooms all flow together, and the look is unique while having the vibe of your personality. A designer will listen to all your wants and needs, and then edit things down to what really works. You don’t want your home decor to have a cookie cutter feel, but you also don’t want to have a mismatched mess.

Be the Liason, The Bad Guy, The Counselor

Another huge benefit of hiring an interior decorator is their ability to listen and moderate. Working with any type of contractor can be intimidating, especially the first time when you may not be sure how to convey your needs. Your designer will be right there to be the middle man who stands up on your behalf. Many a contractor has stated that “it can’t be done” until the designer comes in to ask the right questions and gets the results. This also saves confusion and time in the long run as it allows everyone to understand what needs to happen.

Your interior designer will also be a great moderator when it comes to couples combining their ideas. So often couples have vastly different thoughts, and one will cave to the other’s reluctantly. By listening to both of you, a designer will help you decide what is best for the project and find that middle ground.

Unique Ideas

As mentioned before, you don’t want your home to look like everyone else’s. A designer will have many ideas that you haven’t thought of before, as well as access to home décor items to fit a variety of budgets. You’ll benefit from their creative ideas for storage – perhaps transforming that lost space under a staircase into a home office. Your home will have a wow factor and be incredibly stylish.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Need to do some updates but not planning to live in the space that long? An interior designer will help you make the right decisions to increase your home’s value. Cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and other permanent fixtures can be assessed to what will be more appealing for resale. A designer can also assist in staging for when it comes time to sell to make the home show off.

An interior designer is trained professionally to understand the construction process, lighting, plumbing, material use, space planning, and overall function of a space. They know color, home décor and furnishings for the right selections. You know what you like, but it may not always be the right choice. Let a designer guide you to make the best decisions.

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