Interior Lighting Making an Average Room Look Spectacular

Thoughtful Interior Lighting Can Make An Average Room Look Spectacular while poorly lighted rooms are generally lacking in variety. Although a single light source technically provides enough illumination for an average-size room, it’s the light from a number of sources (and how it’s distributed around the room) that creates the most interesting and pleasant effect. Nothing is duller than the shadow-free look of an evenly lit space.
Lighting has three basic roles-general, task and accent (or purely decorative):
• General lighting provides comfortable background illumination. It is glare-free indirect lighting that bounces off wall and ceilings, and comes closest to approximating daylight. General lighting fixtures should have dimmers for those times when you want a softer, mood-enhancing flow.
• Task Lighting provides much needed illumination for specific activities such as writing, reading, and cooking. Directed at the task at hand, this localized light is shadow-free and easy on the eyes.
• Accent Lighting can add sparkle and drama from a number of sources. Use recessed lights or tracks on the ceiling to wash a wall with soft colors, spotlight a painting or highlight textures. You might want to experiment with the effects of accent lighting before purchasing major fixtures!
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